Here is a letter  from a dog named Forest Gump to his owner:
Hi Mama Colleen,
We had so much fun!! Your friend Kathy took me for a run/walk and throw the stick time!! I pulled her along because she only has two legs and I have four so I’m faster.
We went to the park and the clover was tall and wet. I ran through the clover…OH Boy!

 I found a stick!! She threw it a lot!! My goodness I had fun peeing on stuff, chasing the stick, rolling in the clover and chasing the stick some more! She said “one more time”.
(I don’t think she knows what that means.) She said “you’re so cute, ok, one more time.”

I think it was all the cute stuff I do. You know how I pounce on my stick and run back with my ear inside out and then there is the cute head tilt. I got 20 or more one more times!! Then we went down to the lake. When she wasn’t looking I pooped a big one! Man that felt great! It makes a dog run faster you know.

Lake, ducks, kids, water…so much fun!! We walked home and I peed on every plant I could. Wow I’m good! I’m a good boy! She said that a lot too!!
Life is great! I’m a good boy!!
! She said that a lot too!!
Life is great! I’m a good boy!! 
 Forest the Gumpster,
(I’m a happy dog!)
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